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Market Linked Term Investments

Guarantee Advantage® - Market-Linked Term Investments (MLTI) 

Guarantee Advantage® is a market-linked term investment whose growth is linked to the performance of the securities of companies listed on a stock exchange that provides investors with a return at maturity that falls within a pre-determined range. That means investors can't lose any money and, have the potential to earn more than they would with a fixed-interest term investment such as a term deposit, guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) or certificate of deposit (CD).


Click here to view Guarantee Advantage June 2023 Campaign Features Table (PDF) issued by Desjardins Insurance (a Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company) 

Advantages include:

  • Guaranteed minimum return ensures you don't lose any money
  • Potentially higher returns than a fixed-interest term investment
  • Principal is 100% guaranteed in the event of death and paid quickly to the designated Beneficiary*
  • Risk-free access to securities of well-established companies whose brand names, products and services are widely known and used
  • No management fees
  • Eligible for registered savings plans (including TFSAs)

* Conditions apply, including receipt of the appropriate documentation, such as a death certificate.


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Updated:  April 5, 2023