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Format: 2024-04-15
Format: 2024-04-15

British Columbia Floods & Extreme Weather Appeal

Photo: Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press

November 19, 2021

British Columbia Floods & Extreme Weather Appeal

Our thoughts are with the individuals, families and businesses impacted by the extreme weather, devastating floods and mudslides on several main highways in British Columbia.

To help people in and around the affected areas as quickly as possible, Global Pacific Financial Services Ltd. has made contributions to The Canadian Red Cross and The Salvation Army BC Flood Response to support relief efforts.

If you wish to assist in relief efforts and make a contribution, visit The Salvation Army BC Flood Response (Charity Registration #: 10795 1618 RR0001) and Canadian Red Cross BC Floods and Extreme Weather Appeal (Charity Registration #: 119219814RR0001).

As the community comes together, let us take a proactive approach as we work through this challenging time.

Global Pacific - Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

March 12, 2020

Dear Valued Clients, Advisors and Business Partners,

As the world continues to monitor the situation with COVID-19, we wanted to bring things closer to home and take a moment to reach out. We know many of you are in the heart of your busiest season and working incredibly hard to serve and advise your clients. We hope you, your families, and your clients are staying healthy and we want to provide an update on the steps we continue to take to ensure the health and well being of our employees and to maintain ongoing business continuity. 
Like many responsible companies governed by regulators, Global Pacific is phasing-in our corporate Emergency Response Plan (ERP) with advisors, clientele and business partners. 
Advisors are being urged to work from their home offices.  The preferred method of communication with Global Pacific’s team is for Advisors to communicate by email or telephone with your Account Manager or Business Development Specialist.  Where original documents are required by the carriers, please place the documents in an envelope and either courier them or drop them through the front door mail slot.
Our employees: We are all healthy and working on your behalf.  This week we implemented the ERP with our employees. This is an important step of our Business Continuity Plan which allows us long term stable operations while there is an emergency.  
Global Pacific will be rescheduling all in person business meetings until further notice, and adhering to guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) on self-quarantine and testing guidelines. Today, members of our staff are able to work remotely, and for those who aren’t, we are equipping them to do so in the event we can not work in the office together. We have resiliency built into our systems and processes and we encourage everyone to utilize technology to reduce the human contact situations.
Our advisors: We are encouraging you, as advisors, to work from home and reduce ‘in-person’ interaction with your clients and Global Pacific personnel to protect yourself, your family, and our work place. Our message is to stay in contact with your clients to continue to instill confidence by making telephone calls rather than meeting in-person.
We encourage advisors to use technology rather than choose “in-person” contact.  Global has trained you for this moment. The technology is at your finger tips.
This means (friendly reminder):

  • Utilize your phone for client discussions/meetings and avoid spread of COVID-19;
  • Do electronic applications (e-apps) and remove the need to deliver paper;
  • Use online carrier website transactions and use One Time PAC/PAD form for deposit transactions to eliminate the need to handle/deliver client cheques;
  • Email using our streamlined email addresses. This helps Global Pacific organize the work you send us and speeds up handling:
    • delivery
    • investments            
    • inforce
  • Attach cover memos to your documents & paperwork. This provides administrative assistants and/or the carrier the instructions and direction you intend. Include Date and time of client instructions, sign your cover memos before submission;
  • Carefully review your documents before sending to your Global Pacific Account Manager, to reduce delays and missing information;
  • Login into the carrier systems to download current forms needed;
  • Login to VirtGate for case status. Email your Account Manager from the VirtGate account or requirements page (good record keeping standards).

Global Pacific is closely monitoring developments with respect to COVID-19, including information and guidance published by healthcare authorities around the globe. 

We want you to stay focused on your clients while being safe as you conduct your business.  We want to assure you that we are focused on maintaining the support and services that you rely on.

As we all work hard to navigate through these challenging days, we will update you from time to time.  Thank you for your confidence in the Global Pacific family, and please stay safe.

Tracey Cambridge